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HBLB Racecourse Funding Administration

This web application is used to hold and process information that includes personal data - if you are a user of this application then this Privacy Statement and also our general Privacy Policy will be relevant to you.

How We Process Your Personal Data

To be a registered user of this system we need to know some information about you such as your name, your organisation, your work responsibilities and your contact information, the latter can include your address, place of work, email address and appropriate telephone numbers.

This information is required so that we can more effectively communicate with you, so that we can understand how you might use our website, so that we can tailor your permissions within the website, and so we can identify any transactions that you create.

We will collect the above information when you are registered as a new user of this website, when you use this website, and when you communicate with us.

Your personal contact data will be visible to other registered website users via a shared Contact Directory – this facility is provided to aid communication within the racing industry.

Lawful Basis

The basis that is used to used to process personal data within this application is the completion of a Public Task - this being our duty to support the improvement of horseracing.

More Information

For more information about your data protection rights, how we protect your data, and how to make a complaint please see our Privacy Policy.